Hello, I'm Abdulla

Thanks for dropping by!. I am a Software Developer with almost two years of professional experience. I did my master's thesis in data indexing and retrieval. As a developer, I developed intriguing software features, participated in refactoring, automated testing, API design, and enjoyed creating automation scripts. I have also handled production infrastructure, worked with prominent open-source software and Third-party APIs. I am curious about software scalability and designing system with reliability. I constantly discover things about Backend Development, Computing Infrastructure, and Site Reliability Engineering.

Apart from my technical interests, I enjoy culinary and poetry. Well, mostly Tamil cinematic songs with poetic lyrics :). This site mainly serves two purposes:- 1) A portal to exhibit my understanding of computing and share stuff that interests me (The Two Wind Rose). 2) To act as an index for beautiful resources I come across, especially in the field of computer science (Modern Eṭṭuttokai).

Tools & Skills

Programming Languages & Technologies:

SQL   Bash   Redis   Memcache   Elasticsearch   RabbitMQ   Nginx   Nagios   OpenSSL   Syslog   MVC   MRTG-RRD   PHPUnit   JUnit   Distributed Systems   DevOps Technologies

Projects & Publications

Server Inventory Management System

SIMS is a inventory management service for maintaining the records of servers. SIMS is implemented using PHP in a Service Oriented Architecture style and uses JSON Web Token and OpenSSL for security. Click here to access the code.

Access Control

Developed a UML model for access control system based on real time for safe vaults. Click here to access the report.

A Graph-Based Indexing Technique to Enhance the Performance of Boolean AND Queries in Big Data Systems

A Research paper outlying the graph structure devised to solve Boolean AND queries faster than Inverted Index. Click here to access the paper.

Paper Authors: A. K. Mohideen, S. Majumdar, M. St-Hilaire and Ali. El-Haraki.

A Data Indexing Technique to Improve the Search Latency of AND Queries for Large Scale Textual Documents

A Research paper describing the search performance of the Graph-based index in comparison to Elasticsearch for solving Boolean AND queries. Click here to access the paper.

Paper Authors: A. K. Mohideen, S. Majumdar, M. St-Hilaire and Ali. El-Haraki.


Research & Teaching Assistant

Carleton University, Canada

  • Thesis:
    Devised a graph-based indexing technique for large scale textual documents to process Boolean queries efficiently.
  • Research Tools Used:
    Linux, PHP, and Bash script, and Supercomputer cluster to completely automate the experimental procedures.
  • Research Outcome:
    The proposed indexing technique shows on an average 63.67% better Boolean query search latency than Elasticsearch for different use cases.
  • Teaching Experience:
    Taught UML, Operating Systems, Design Patterns and Real Time Concurrent Systems to undergraduate students.
September 2018 - September 2020

Software Engineer

Jaze Networks Pvt Ltd, India

  • Database Scaling:
    Involved in sharding MySQL database for load distribution. Used PostgreSQL as a billing database. Integrated Elasticsearch with shard routing for efficient indexing and search operation.
  • API:
    Integrated various Third party SMS, E-mail, and payment API with the automated failure recovery for reliability and fault tolerance.
  • Handling Long Tasks:
    Used RabbitMQ to maintain persistence of the intensive tasks such as bulk Email and SMS delivery, and long report generation.
  • Site Infrastructure:
    Migrated application from AWS to our own server infrastructure. Configured Nginx with load balancing and Naxsi rules. Configured a local CDN server and vsftpd as an FTP server.
  • Logging, Monitoring & Visualization:
    Used Syslog to collect logs and Bash scripting is used to process the logs. Configured Nagios to monitor different servers in the production environment. Integrated MRTG-RRD to visualize near real time data. Used Node.js to show notifications about router status and user requests.
  • Scripting (Using Bash and PHP):
    Developed a 100% automated backup and restore system. Encrypted the backup using OpenSSL. Exported the backups to Google Drives and remote servers. Implemented "Restore to Factory Defaults" feature. Safe deletion of billing data with database rollback to maintain integrity.
December 2015 - July 2017


Carleton University, Canada

Master of Applied Science
Electrical and Computer Engineering
September 2020

Anna University, India

Bachelor of Engineering
Computer Science and Engineering
May 2015


A wind rose is a figure on a compass used to show the orientation of the cardinal directions. The two wind roses refer to the fictional compass held by Captain Jack Sparrow in the movie series Pirates of the Caribbean. The compass can show what the owner wanted the most at that moment (Click here for more details). This page narrates the stories of mysterious places where my two wind roses are taking me to!

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Eṭṭuttokai (The Eight Anthologies) is classical Tamil literature comprising of poems ranging from love to war (Click here for more details). Hundreds of poets wrote Eṭṭuttokai over many years. The modern Eṭṭuttokai aims to index beautiful resources like articles, talks, lectures, and books written by different professionals and scholars on varied topics.

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